The ZB vz. 26 was a Czechoslovak light machine gun developed in the 1920s, which went on to enter service with several countries. It saw its major use during World War II, and spawned the related ZB vz. 27, vz. 30, and vz. 33. The ZB vz. 26 influenced many other light machine gun designs including the Bren light machine gun, FM 24/29 light machine gun, and the Type 99 Light Machine Gun. The ZB-26 is famous for its reliability, simple components, quick-change barrel and ease of manufacturing. This light machine gun in the Czechoslovak army was marked as the LK vz. 26 ("LK" means "lehký kulomet", light machine gun; "vz." stands for "vzor", Model in Czech). ZB vz. 26 is incorrect marking because "ZB-26" is a factory designation (Československá zbrojovka v Brně), while "vzor 26" or "vz. 26" is an army designation.


  • MG26(t)
    • Captured ZB vz.26 in German usage after the fall of Czechoslovakia
    • Used by Nazi Germany



  • Players playing as the Wehrmacht will almost always choose the MG42 over the MG26(t), due to the higher ROF, lower recoil, and higher magazine capacity
  • There is no difference in deploy time and recoil between the undeployed and deployed versions of the ZB vz.26, due to a lack of animations
  • Although the official designation of the ZB vz. 26 was MG26(t) in German usage, the inventory screen shows "ZB vz. 26"

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