Melee WeaponsEdit

  • KA-BAR
  • Knife
  • Bayonet
  • KM2000
  • Melee (Striking with Stock)
  • AK-47 Bayonet
  • G3 Bayonet
  • Unarmed Melee (Fists)
  • Restrainer



Sub-machine GunsEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

Rifles & Sniper RiflesEdit

Battle Rifles/Designated Marksman RiflesEdit

Light Machine GunsEdit

General Purpose Machine GunsEdit


Man-Portable Anti-Tank WeaponsEdit

Man-Portable Anti-Air WeaponsEdit

Grenades Edit

  • M18 Smoke
  • M83 Smoke
  • RDG-2 Smoke
  • AN/M14 Incendiary
  • M67 Fragmentation
  • C13 Fragmentation
  • L109 Fragmentation
  • DM51 Fragmentation
  • Type 82 Fragmentation
  • F-1 Fragmentation
  • RKG Anti-tank

Explosives & MinesEdit

  • C4 Stick
  • C4 Charge


  • BGM-71 TOW
  • FIM-92 Stinger Emplacement
  • M2HB HMG
  • DShK HMG
  • Kord HMG
  • SPG-9 Recoiless Rifle

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