Real-Life DeatailsEdit

The USMC (United States Marine Corps) is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for providing air and land power from the sea. In this case, this is the 1960s-early 1970s USMC. They would fight Guerilla-style warfare with the Vietcong, and conventional warfare with the NVA. They took part in the Battles of Da Nang, Hue City, Con Thien, and the Khe Sanh Offensive.

In Game DetailsEdit


  • Small Arms





  • Grenades and Launchers


-M72 LAW

  • Man Portable Anti-Vehicle Weapons
  • Emplacements


-.50 Cal.

  • Mines


  • Ground Vehicles
  • Helicopters

-UH-1 Huey "Iroquois"

-Sikorsky H-34 "Choctaw"

  • Jets

Operation MapsEdit

  • AAS

-Charlie's Point

-Operation Barracuda

  • Insurgency

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