Tickets are the reinforcements of a team in the form of points. When a team loses all of there tickets, they lose the match.

You cannot see the enemies ticket count

Tickets can be gained and lost in a numerous amount of ways:


  • Destroying a weapon cache (+30 Points)


  • Player is dead (-1 Point)
  • Player is critically wounded (-1 Point)
  • Asset gets destroyed:
    • Tanks, Attack Helicopters, Jets, IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) = -10 Tickets
    • Transport Helicopters, AAVs (Assault Amphibious Vehicle), APCs (Armored Personel Carrier) = -5 Tickets
    • Light Vehicles, Trucks, Jeeps, Logistic Trucks = -2 Tickets

  • Ticket loss due to not owning any capable flags (AAS Only)
  • FOB Destroyed (Command and Control Only)
  • Ticket loss due to not having a FOB built (Command and Control Only, The closer the opposing team's FOB is the center of the map the more tickets will be lost)
  • Losing a Capture Point (-30 Points AAS Only ) (-10 Points Skirmish Only)