• Map Mumble communication hotkeys to a key that you can easily reach while having your hands on the movement keys (Default:WASD)


  • Stay in a crouched position while aiming down sights when clearing rooms, this allows you to move faster with enhanced accuracy
  • Have the backup iron sights selected when on the offensive, you never know when an enemy might pop around the corner. 
  • With UGL sights on the M16A4 and M4 carbine, set them to 150m at all times, as this allows you to see your entire sight without the ACOG/Aimpoint blocking your view
  • Combat engineer can use his wrench to repair light vehicles such as jeeps.


  • Use the secondary mouse button (Default:Right Click) to switch between thermals, this way, you don't end up firing a shell if you misclick
  • HEAT shells deal more damage to emplacements than AP shells
  • By turning your radar off in a jet and disabling your heatseekers, you can sneak up on a enemy jet and obliterate it with your machine gun. 

Map Edit

Commander Edit


  • When placing emplacements, be sure to look at the horizon in which the emplacement will be facing, don't look directly at the ground, or an inaccurate placement may occur
  • Roadblocks are crucial for stopping suicide vehicles and ensuring the survival of the FOB on insurgency maps

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