In Project Reality, the Squad is the most basic level of command and authority on the battlefield. It usually consists of 6 players, made up of 1 squad leader and 5 squad members, however, exceptions have been made for recon squads and vehicle/aircraft squads. 

Joining SquadsEdit

To join a squad, simply press the Squad menu button(default: Caps Lock) and click on "JOIN" beside a squad's name. The name of the squad name will turn green to indicate that you have joined that squad, if not, then the squad is most likely full or locked, try selecting another squad to join. 

Naming Squads & Squad AssetsEdit

Each squad is responsible for a specific task in the battle, and thus, should be named appropriately to their role. General rule of thumb is to name the squad as specific as possible. Typically, a number is put after a duplicate squad to distinguish between the two. Squads can also sometimes be named by the specific name of the asset (e.g. M1A1 Abrams, SU-30, Mi-28, SPG-9, etc.)

Some examples include:

  • AA (Anti-Air Vehicle)
  • AIRTRANS (Transport Helicopters)
  • APC (Armoured Personel Carrier)
  • ANTI-TANK, AT (Anti-vehicle)
  • CAS (Close Air Support, includes helicopters and jets)
  • HELI (Helicopters only)
  • IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)
  • JET (Jets only)
  • MUMINF, INFANTRY, MUMBLE (Frontline Infantry, typically includes a scout/civillian car)
  • MECINF, MECHINF (Mechanized Infantry, typically includes an APC)
  • TANK
  • LOGI (Logistics i.e. Logisitic trucks, FOB building)

Some servers/squad leaders have been known to put in a comical squad name, if you are unsure at any time, feel free to asking the role of the squad on team chat(default: U)

Tasks within a SquadEdit

  • Squad Leader
  • Rifleman

Communication with a SquadEdit

Communication within the squad is usually done through the mumble voice client

Text-based communication is also avaliable, with Team-Chat accessible with (default: U) and Squad-chat(default: I)

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