Skirmish is a gamemode similar to AAS which consists of several capture zones or flags placed around the map., however, the number of tickets for each faction is greatly reduced. Each team starts with a similar amount of tickets, and the team that loses all of their tickets first loses the game. Tickets are reduced by wounding and killing enemy soldiers and capturing enemy flags.

Skirmish maps are usually small portions of normal maps used in AAS and Insurgency. Skirmish gamemode does not have any vehicles most of the combat happens in close range.


The main objective of skirmish is to secure areas around the map in a specific sequence.

Winning ConditionsEdit

To win a skirmish game, one side must cause the enemy's team to reach 0. To do so, players can either capture flags away from the enemy, which causes 10 tickets to be lost by the enemy each time a flag is neutralized and captured. When a team is down to their last flag, or has their last flag captured, they will begin to lose tickets over time, which is commonly called "ticket bleed". Once the last flag is captured, a team cannot spawn anymore, and must wait for the remaining forces to retake the flag, or wait until the match is over.



Small portion of the map Beirut is being used for skirmish gamemode

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