The STAR-21 (Sniper Tavor Automatic Rifle)is the designated marksman version of the TAR-21 base rifle with folding under-barrel bipod and Trijicon ACOG 4× magnification sight. of the TAR-21. It fires the same round and shares almost all chararcteristics with the TAR-21.

In Project Reality, the STAR-21 is the marksman weapon of the Israeli Defense Force. It fires from a 30 round magazine and is one of two marksman rifles to employ a fully automatic firing mode.


  • STAR-21
    • Black Finish
    • Equiped with Bipod and 4x ACOG

Trivia Edit

  • The STAR-21, G3-SG1, and L86A2 were the only marksman weapons in game to employ a full auto firing capability, this allowed them to be used as rifle-platform machine guns. This feature was removed in v1.0 when these weapons were restricted to semi-auto fire only.
  • The STAR-21 is incorrectly depicted with a 15" inch barrel instead of the 18" inch barrel used by the real weapon.

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