The Middle Eastern Coa
Mec faction pic

MEC Soldiers

lition is a fictional faction ported over to Project Reality from the original Battlefield 2, the faction was not removed due to the already existing assests avaliable for the MEC (Voices, Skins, Vehicles, etc.) The MEC can be thought of as based on the Islamic Republic of Iran's Armed Forces. The MEC is also serving as a place holder on the map Sbeneh Outskirts until the SAF (Syrian Armed Forces) is complete.

In Game DetailsEdit

The MEC is a OPFOR faction on almost all the maps it is featured on except for Sbeneh Outskirts, in which it is a BLUFOR faction.


  • Small Arms
    • Knives
      • G3 Bayonet (can be fixed to G3A3)
    • Pistols
    • Submachine guns
    • Battle rifles
    • Machine guns
      • MG3 (used as LMG and GPMG)
    • Designated marksman rifles
    • Sniper rifles
    • Shotguns
  • Grenades and Launchers
    • Smoke grenades
      • M83 Smoke
      • M18 Color Smoke grenade
    • Fragmentation grenades
      • F-1 Fragmentation
    • Grenade launchers
      • HK79 Grenade Launcher
  • Man Portable Anti-Vehicle Weapons
  • Emplacements
    • Anti-tank
      • MILAN
    • Anti-aircraft
      • SA-18 Emplacement
    • Heavy machine gun
      • Kord 6P50
  • Mines


  • Ground Vehicles
    • Light jeeps
      • UAZ 469
    • Trucks
      • Ural-4320
    • Patrol vehicles
    • APCs
    • IFVs
    • Tanks
    • Tank destroyer
      • 9P148 Konkurs
    • Anti-aircraft vehicles
      • ZSU-23-4
      • Strela-1
      • Strela-10M
  • Helicopters
    • Light helicopters
      • EC635
      • SA 342 Gazelle
    • Transport helicopters
      • Mi-17 Hip
    • Attack helicopters
      • Mi-28 Havoc
  • Jets
    • Fighter
      • MiG-29 Fulcrum
    • Ground attack
      • Su-25 Frogfoot
      • Su-22 Fitter

Operation MapsEdit

  • AAS
    • Burning Sands (MEC vs BAF)
    • Iron Eagle (MEC vs IDF)
    • Muttrah City (MEC vs USMC)
    • Jabal Al Burj (MEC vs USMC)
    • Kashan (MEC vs USA)
    • Operation Marlin (MEC vs France)
    • Khamisiyah (MEC vs. USA)
    • Bijar Canyons (MEC vs. IDF)
  • Insurgency
    • Sbeneh Outskirts (MEC vs. FSA)
      Mec faction pic

      MEC Soldiers

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