The M40A3 is one of the modernized variants of the original M40 bolt-action sniper rifle created by Remington Arms and used by the United States Marine Corps. Each M40 rifle is built from a Remington 700 bolt-action rifle, and is modified by USMC armorers at Marine Corps Base Quantico, using components from a number of suppliers. The original M40 was introduced in 1966, with the A3 variant being developed in the 1990's, and officially completed in the 2000's. The M40A3 uses the NATO standard 7.62x51mm round, and holds 5 rounds in an internal magazine.

In-game, the M40A3 is used by the Sniper kit of the United States Marine Corps faction. Like most sniper rifles, the scope features two levels of zoom, and has a usable bipod for steadying shots. An odd feature of the rifle is its detachable magazine; this is technically inaccurate, since the M40A3 in real life does not have a detachable magazine, and instead loads rounds individually with an internal magazine. The M40A5 variant, however, does have detachable magazines.

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