Insurgency is a gamemode where one team must find and destroy weapon caches while the other team must defend these caches. The defending team only loses tickets by losing weapon caches while the attacking team loses tickets normally. The defending team starts with 70 tickets.

Insurgency maps always feature one of the unconventional factions as OPFOR. These are:


The objective for BLUFOR(attacking team) is to find weapon caches and destroy them while OPFOR(defending team) must defend them. Each time a weapons cache is destroyed OPFOR loses 10 tickets. BLUFOR must destroy weapon caches until OPFOR runs out of tickets.

Weapon caches are marked on the map when BLUFOR gets enough intel points. Intel points are gained by killing insurgents and arresting civilians. Intel points are lost by killing civilians.

Winning ConditionsEdit

The team that loses all of its tickets loses the game while the another one wins. The BLUFOR faction wins when all of the weapon caches are destroyed before their tickets deplete. The Insurgent faction wins when it manages to reduce the BLUFOR's tickets to 0.


Cache thumb

Weapon Cache (Note the PKM and RPG pickup kits)

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