Real Life DetailsEdit

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) (Hebrew: צבא ההגנה לישראל)  Tzva HaHagana LeYisrael, "Army (or Force, literally "Host") for the Defense of Israel", known in Israel by the Hebrew acronym צה"ל, Tzahal), is the name of Israel's military forces, and the Israeli Army, Air Force and Sea Corps. The IDF is a well-tested force, having had previous experience against various Arab armies in wars stretching back to its independence in 1947.

In Game DetailsEdit

The IDF appear as BLUFOR on some maps, while they appear as OPFOR on other maps. 



  • Land Vehicles
  • Helicopters
    • AH-1 Cobra
    • AH-64 Apache
    • UH-60 Blackhawk
  • Aircraft
    • F-16I Sufa

Operation MapsEdit

  • AAS
  • Insurgency
    • Gaza Beach (IDF vs Hamas)