The GP-30 Obuvka ('Shoe'), GP-25 Kostyor ('Bonfire') and BG-15 Mukha ('Fly') are Russian under barrel grenade launchers for the AK-series of assault rifle. They were first seen by the west in 1984 during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. The initial version was designated BG-15, and was fitted under the barrel of AK-74 assault rifles. The main production version, the GP-25 has a different sighting system. 

A grenade is first muzzle loaded into the barrel, the weapon is aimed, then the self-cocking trigger is pulled to fire the weapon. This fires the percussion cap at the base of the grenade which triggers the nitrocellulose propellant inside the body of the grenade. The hot expanding gas from the propellant is forced through vents in the base of the grenade that move the grenade along the barrel, and at the same time force the driving band to engage with the twelve rifling grooves. The rifling imparts stabilizing spin to the projectile. The barrel has a life of about 400 rounds.

In Project Reality, the GP-25 is the grenade launcher attached mounted to all grenadier versions of the Kalashnikov assault rifles. It serves to function as a direct/indirect explosive launcher, firing high-explosive, smoke, and flare rounds. 


The preset sight distance of the GP-25 is 50m, but can be adjusted to fire at steeper angles in order to hit longer ranged targets, alternatively, the user can simply choose to manual compensate for the drop off the round at distance. To adjust the range of the grenade, aim down the sights(default: Right-click) and then press and hold the commorose button(default: Q) while selecting the distance with the primary mouse button(default: Left-click). 

To calulate the range to the target, you can request your squad leader to set down a marker and inform you of the distance, use your map grids to manually calculate the distance, or ask your squad leader or spotter to use the GTLD to find the distance to the target. 


  • The GP-25 is the only caseless 40mm grenade launcher in the game. 

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