The G3-SG1 is an accurized version of the base G3A3 rifle, featuring a Zeiss scope with higher magnification and a bipod


  • G3-SG1
    • Used by Taliban, Germany, and MEC factions
    • Features Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic firing modes
    • Features a under-barrel bipod and Zeiss 1.5-6x Telescoptic scope
    • Accurized barrel
    • Versions
      • Taliban
        • G3SG/1 with Zeiss Telescoptic Scope & Bipod
      • Germany
        • G3SG/1 with Zeiss Telescoptic Scope & Bipod
      • MEC
        • G3SG/1 with Zeiss Telescoptic Scope & Bipod
        • G3SG/1 with 4x Scope & Bipod


  • Prior to v1.0, the G3-SG1 could switch between semi-auto and full auto fire modes, but has since been restricted to semi-auto only.

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