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The MAG (Mitrailleuse d'Appui General  = General Purpose Machinegun), had been developed by the famous Belgian company FN Herstal in the 1950s, as a true universal machine gun, that could be used as a light MG on bipod, as a medium MG on tripod or as a vehicle-mounted and coaxial MG on helicopters, armored cars and tanks.


  • Iron sights


  • C6 (Canada)
  • FN MAG 58 (Argentina)
  • L7A2 (Britain)
  • M240B (USA)


  • Prior to the 1.0 patch, the MAG was classified as a LMG, used by Automatic Rifleman kit of the British and Argentinians in the Falklands minimod.
  • All versions of the FN MAG in the game use the carry handle from the British L7A2 variant. Close inspection of the weapon's texture reveals L7A2 markings on the receiver as well.


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