Emplacements are structures built by infantry to create a spawn point and/or defend an objective. Building emplacements is about as crucial as taking objectives, without emplacements, there would be almost no way to secure an objective from the enemy or reinforce attacking troops. Conventional factions use the Forward Operating Base, while Non-conventional/insurgent factions use hideouts. 


To build a Forward Operating Base (FOB) or HideoutEdit

To build a Forward Operating Base, the officer/squadleader will need to be within a 50m radius of either 1 heavy supply crate or 2 light supply crates. Insurgent factions do not require logistical supplies to construct a hideout. 

To build additional assetsEdit

To build additional assets such as the HMG, AA, AT, Roadblock, Foxhole, and Mortar emplacements, the officer/squadleader will need to be within 50m radius of either 2 heavy supply crates or 4 light supply crates, as well as a fully built Forward Operating Base.  Additional assets are limited to only the SPG-9 for the insurgent factions, and needs to be within 200m of a hideout to be constructed. 

Constructing the EmplacementsEdit

As a Squad LeaderEdit

The squadleader is responsible for placing down the initial request to build an emplacement after he/she has met the requirements to build the specified object. To bring up the emplacement construction menu, the squadleader must click alternative fire (Default: Right-click/Mouse2) while having their radio/cell phone(Default: 6) selected, then hold their squad commorose button(Default: T). While holding the squad menu button, the squadleader will have to mouse over the Deploy/Remove asset section and click their primary fire button(Default: Left-click/Mouse1). A submenu will then appear, giving the squad leader a variety of assets he can choose to construct. 

As a Squad MemberEdit

As a squad member, you are responsible for constructing the assets your squad leader using your shovel, which is issued to all kits excluding the Medic, Sniper and Officer kits. If you have a Combat Engineer kit, you can build roadblocks or barbed wire emplacements twice as fast as a shovel using the Repair Kit.

Types of EmplacementsEdit

Forward Operating BaseEdit

Spawning point for any member on the team. for non insurgent forces these can be placed at a minimum range of 200m from the Commander's tent or from another FOB. A fob becomes spawnable exactly 120 seconds after it gains a structural form. Can only be constructed within 50m of a supply crate.

Heavy un (M)Edit







  • Standard CO-OP rules allow an officer/squadleader to place emplacements at anytime, without the need for logistical supplies. The emplacements will also spawn in pre-built. 

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