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The Civilian Collaborator is an unique kit exclusive to the Iraqi Insurgent class in Project Reality, it is essentially a unarmed hybrid of the medic and officer classes, but also forces the BLUFOR team to respect the rules of engagement for this class, or face a penalty in intelligence points and forces the aggressor to have a longer spawn time as well as not being able to request kits for 10 minutes. 


The Civilian Collaborator kit is a spawnable and unlimited kit, however, the player cannot request the kit once spawned, as there is no kit system for the Iraqi Insurgents faction. 


The intended use of the Civilian Collaborator kit is to find BLUFOR forces and report them to the commander and squad leaders via Mumble and the in-game map with the Cell Phone. Alternatively, players can stick with a squad, and act as their medic. Be warned though, you are not considered a non-combatant if you've healed a teammate with the last 60 seconds. The third and most common use of the civilian collaborator kit is to harass BLUFOR forces with your stone and/or act as a distraction, be careful when engaging in this activity, as you may end up with a 60-75 second respawn if you are arrested. 


Civilian Collaborators are equipped with a cell phone to report enemy activity. Medical supplies and tools are also provided to fill the need for a medic on the Iraqi Insurgent team. The grappling hook is intended for finding a vantage point for yourself or your teammate(s). Lastly, the stone is the closest thing the Civilian Collaborator has for a weapon. Although it might seem underpowered and weak, the stone can be a deadly weapon. Two hit to your enemy's head, and he'll go down; the best part is, you are still within the rules of engagment when you kill a BLUFOR soldier with a stone. 

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