The Civilian car is an unarmed jeep used by the Insurgent, Hamas, Taliban, and ARF factions. Due to its nimbleness, high quantity, and 8 passenger capacity the civilian car has become a favourite for use as a "Battle-Taxi", carrying troops to the frontlines. 


  • Blue
  • Red
  • White


  • Due to the cramped nature of the seats and the limitations of the BF2 engine, players will clip through the models of other players when riding in the Civilian car


Prbf2 2013-11-22 22-34-38-220

Civilian Car Front

Prbf2 2013-11-22 22-34-58-330


Prbf2 2013-11-22 22-35-01-659


Prbf2 2013-11-22 22-35-07-100


Prbf2 2013-11-22 22-34-46-466

Driving View

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