Al Basrah
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Scoreboard flag BAF (British Armed Forces) vs
Meinsurgent Insurgents


Basra, Iraq


Cooperative, Insurgency, Skirmish

Albasrah minimap

Al Basrah (Arabic: البصرة) is a map featured in Project Reality v1.2.1.0.

Al Basrah is a 2 sq. km map which pits the British Armed Forces against the Insurgent faction.

This was set in a real event when Britain enter Iraq, it was a battle between British & US armed forces vs Iraqi insurgents & armed locals & Sadam's Iraqi army. It was a British- American victory and turned out successful, Sadam Hussein dies in 2006, soon dead body found by a US marine & the Iraq war ends but Iraq was kind of wasted so the British military take over and do numerous protols around the heat areas. Nowadays British protols are still in Iraq and former Iraqi insurgents back in the war are still around. In 2014 and ambush accors to the British. No British soldier was killed and all 20 insurgents were killed. British Amred Forces do sometimes have a giant fight with the Iraqi insurgents in pro trolls but this does not mean it declares another war. In Project reality there is three game modes in this map, Orginal conquest( Co-operative (AAS) , Insurgency & Skirmish. 2km size of the map, desert terrain, BAF vs Iraqi insurgents.

Game ModesEdit

Insurgency (Std, Alt, Inf)Edit

  • Standard 
    • Tickets
      • 550(BAF) vs ∞(Insurgents)
    • Assets
  • Alternative 
    • Tickets
      • 550(BAF) vs ∞(Insurgents)
    • Assets
  • Infantry 
    • Tickets​
      • 500(BAF) vs ∞(Insurgents)
    • Assets


  • Infantry
    • Tickets
      • 150(BAF) vs 150(Insurgents)
    • Flags
    • Assets

Co-operative (AAS)Edit

  • Standard
    • Tickets
      • 400(BAF) vs 350(Insurgents)
    • Flags
      • Al Basrah Airport (BAF occupied area)
      • Vehicle Checkpoint (BAF occupied area)
      • Village (nutreal, civil friendly (safe zone) )
      • Slums (Insurgent territory)
      • Outskirts (Insurgent territory Outskirts)
      • Refinery (Insurgent territory)
      • Mosque (Insurgents territory(public friendly) MOSQUE IS NOT YOUR TARGET, LZ near Mosque is)
      • Residential (Insurgents oil plant, territory)
      • Apartments (Insurgent territory apartments)
      • Palace (Insurgents stand off)
    • Assets
      • BAF
        • Vehicles
        • Land Rover British civil car into militarised
        • Land Rover w/M2HB British army combat vehicle equiped with LMG with bio pad
        • ACP
        • Warrior British ACP developed by BAE systems. Made in 2013
        • Helicopters
        • AH-64
        • Lynx
        • Chinook
      • Insurgents
  • Vehicles
  • Technical
  • Civil car
  • Suicide bomb car
  • ACP
  • BTR 80
    • Tickets
      • 270(BAF) vs 240(Insurgents) British have advantage of more tickets but Insurgents also have advantage for more control points
    • Flags
      • British flag (Union Jack), Insurgent flag (Freedom of Iraq army)
    • Assists
      • British sometimes have American resupplies, Iraqi Insurgents have Cold War Soviet supplies.

Possible Cache LocationsEdit

  • C8 KP6 (Village)
  • K12 KP6 (Palace Watchtower)